Our Activities

The Dene Lodge offers a range of activities for their residents including:

Relatives and friends of residents can email them on residents@thedenelodge.co.uk. Skype is also available for face to face video chatting!

Our activities manager Alexandra explains some of the recent activities at The Dene Lodge:

The other day I gathered items from times past, bed warmers, stone hot water-bottles, fob watches, gold sovereigns, stamps ranging from penny blacks to wartime samples cut in half to save paper and much more, and with all these assembled items did a talk on each item, everyone found it extremely interesting. We had a trip to Blue Anchor and I collected pebbles and shells from the beach of sandstone, pink gypsum and even got them to guess one mystery round pebble which was in fact part of a house brick.

After our trip to Tropiquaria [a local zoo and animal park], I transferred the pictures taken that day and did a talk which gave more information on the animals we had seen. I have hundreds of pictures, taken on my travels and have regular photo shows covering the whole of England, and with each picture I tell a story. I also have talks on Victorian Cotton Mills, Gunpowder Mills, Victorian dress and Old machinery.

I ask the residents where they used to live, and take them back to their home town via street view on Google Earth. We also have a wide variety of creative art and I always try to end up with a useful item, such as wardrobe pomanders, bookmarks, decorated vases which we use during our flower arranging secessions.